The Best iPhone XS and XR Max Backgrounds Wallpapers

If you want to change your iPhone’s wallpaper, there are many great options available. iFixit has some new wallpapers available for the iPhone X. Although you can’t download them in their full resolution to your desktop, you can download them straight to your phone. The same wallpapers are also available for the iPhone XS Max. Now you don’t have to be left out of the fun.

Customizable iPhone XS and XR Max Backgrounds

The new iPhone XS and XR Max phones are available in a variety of colors, including coral, blue, black, and yellow. Apple has made it easy for you to customize the appearance of your phone by using customizable wallpapers. You can choose a design that’s relevant to your personality and taste.

First, you must ensure that your wallpaper is compatible with the screen resolution of your iPhone. You can see the various resolutions in Apple’s iPhone user guide. Once you have selected a background, go to the settings menu on your iPhone. Once there, select the image you’d like to use as your background. You can zoom in or out on the image using your fingers.

If you want to customize the look of your home screen, you can choose different themes for the different apps and features. There are live wallpapers for the iPhone X line, and there are also options for the iPhone 6s and 7 models. These themes are available on the Zedge app, but they’re not free. In fact, some of them cost money, starting at $3.49 a week.

Strange Corps

If you’re interested in downloading a wallpaper from the Strange Corps franchise, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now do so. The wallpaper is available for the iPhone XS and XR Max, but it may not work on other models. In this case, you should visit Apple’s website or Twitter for alternate wallpapers.

The Strange Corps iPhone XS Max background wallpaper uses an oddity built into iOS to hide the notch and dock backgrounds. Initially, this worked on the Jet Black iPhone, but since Apple fixed the bug, you’re no longer able to install it.

Hideaki Nakatani’s Strange Corps

If you’re looking for iPhone XS and XR Max wallpapers, you’ve come to the right place. Hideaki Nakatani has created a series of crazy iPhone glitch background wallpapers. His most popular designs were on the Jet Black and matte black iPhone 7, and they were all made possible by iOS bugs. However, Nakatani’s creative work has moved beyond glitches to other types of wallpapers.

The Strange Corps iPhone XS Max background wallpapers are designed specifically for these phones. You can find these wallpapers on Apple’s official website and on Twitter. You can’t use them on other iPhone models. However, the newsinfowars website has created alternate iPhone XS wallpaper for those who want to use it on their phones.


Mister Ultimate iPhone XS and xR Max backgrounds wallpapers are a great way to personalize your device. These gorgeous designs will make your phone look great, no matter what you’re using it for. This set includes nine different wallpapers, each one uniquely designed for the new iPhone. There’s also a wallpaper for the iPhone XR, but the ones here are only for the iPhone XS and xR models.

The first two wallpapers are specifically for iPhone XS and xR Max. Apple has included bubble wallpapers as wallpapers, but they’re boring and do nothing to cover up the notch. Mister Ultimate’s bubble wallpapers are perfect for iPhone XS Max users, and come in twelve colors. You can download them from here.


Apple’s latest iPhone models now have a brand new set of background wallpapers, courtesy of the website iFixit. While these aren’t full resolution, they can be downloaded and used on your iPhone. iFixit has long been known for its ability to disassemble and repair gadgets, and they’ve used this knowledge to create unique wallpapers for the newest iPhone models. Using X-ray images of real iPhones, iFixit’s specialists recreated the look of the devices with the wallpapers.

In addition to their collection of downloadable wallpapers, iFixit also released new iPhone X wallpapers. Unfortunately, these won’t download in full resolution to your desktop, but you can still use the images to personalize your device. Luckily, iFixit also released the same wallpapers for iPhone XS Max users. This means that iPhone X owners aren’t left out, as these wallpapers are also available for download directly from the website.

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